is a food equipments supplier company. Our office is located in Taman Taynton View, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia. Allied maintains a close business relationship with all our clients, by supplying quality fabricated and imported equipments, and supportive towards after sales service in sales and service maintenance. Our well trained Sales & Marketing team together with our Project team reaches out to existing and new clients to discover their needs for a new F&B venture.

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Carpigiani Maestro HE

Carpigiani Labotronic HE

Carpigiani Labo XPL P

Carpigiani Labo 14 20

Friulinox BF161AG

Friulinox BF122AG

Friulinox BF121AG

Friulinox BF081AG

Kolb Bun Divider


Therma-Tek Char Broiler TC24-24RB


Roband Chip-Warmer


Thermo Fresh Postable Servers

Bunn Single TF DBC

Bunn Dual TF DBC


Rational SCCXSE

Rational SCCXS Duo E

Rational SCC202G

Rational SCC202E

Turbofan E33 D5 P10M

Turbofan E33 D5

Turbofan E32 D4 P8M

Turbofan E32 D4

Roband Sycloid Toaster


Alto Shaam 1200-TH III

Alto Shaam 750-TH III

Alto Shaam 500-TH III


Blanco Cook Station


Sensation Cooking Islands

Pratika 700-900 series

Function 600-650-700 series

Emotion 700-900 series

Roband Single Pan Fryers

Roband Double Pan Fryer


Kolb Deck Oven Laguna


Scotsman NW1008

Scotsman NW608

Scotsman NW508

Scotsman NW458





Kolb Dough Divider


Ankarsrum AKM6230


Kolb Table Top Dough Sheeter

Kolb Floor Standing Dough Sheeter


Alto Shaam Drawer Warmer 500-3DN

Alto Shaam Drawer Warmer 500-3D

Alto Shaam Drawer Warmer 500-2DN

Alto Shaam Drawer Warmer 500-2D

Vitamix The Quiet One

Vitamix T_G 2 Blending Station

Vitamix Drink Machine Two-Speed

Vitamix Drink Machine Advance

Scotsman MF56 Spec Sheet

Scotsman MF46

Scotsman MF36

Scotsman MF26

Hallde SB-4


Hallde VCB-62

Hallde VCB-61

Hallde VCB-32

Hallde RG-200

Frymaster Gas Fryer H55

Frymaster Gas Fryer GF40

Frymaster Gas Fryer GF14

Frymaster Electric Fryer RE17

Carpigiani Age XPL


IFI Tonda

IFI Special

IFI Screen

IFI Sam 80

Carpigiani Ready

Carpigiani Mister Art

Carpigiani Mister Art Plus

Carpigiani Freeze _ Go

Scotsman AC176

Scotsman AC126

Scotsman AC106

Scotsman AC86

Therma-Tek Counter Griddle

Roband Griddle


Roband Griddle Toasters


Roband Grill Max Wide Mouth Toaster


Roband Grill Station


Roband Heat Lamp


Alto Shaam Heated Cart 1000-MH2-1

Alto Shaam Banquet Cart 1000-BQ2-128

Alto Shaam Banquet Cart 1000-BQ2-96


Roband Carving-Station

Alto Shaam Carving Shelf CS-200

Alto Shaam Carving Shelf CS-100


Turbafan H8T-UC

Alto Shaam Holding Cabinet 1200-UP

Alto Shaam Holding Cabinet 1000-UP

Alto Shaam Holding Cabinet 750-S

Therma-Tek Counter Top Hotplate


Carpigiani Turbomix


Scotsman TCS180 Evo


Adventys NRIC2800

Adventys GLW3500

Adventys GL3500

Adventys GL3000

Kolb Long Moulder


Menumaster RCS511TS

Menumaster DEC18E2


Roband Milkshake Mixers


Roband Pasta-Master


Carpigiani Pastomaster RTL

Carpigiani Pastomaster HE

Carpigiani Pastochef RTL

Carpigiani Pasto XPL P

Roband Pie Warmers


Kolb Pizza Oven


Kolb Planetary Mixer




Retarter Proofer


Roband Rotisserie


Roband Salamander


Alto Shaam 1767-SK Smoker Oven

Alto Shaam 1767-SK III Deluxe Smoker Oven

Alto Shaam 1200-SK III Deluxe Smoker Oven

Alto Shaam 1000-SK III Deluxe Smoker Oven

Carpigiani XVL 3 Steel

Carpigiani XVL 3 Classic

Carpigiani Soft_Go Plus

Carpigiani 193 Steel

Besser Vacook


Menumaster JET514V

Menumaster JET514

Kolb Atollspeed

Kolb Atollspeed 300H

Kolb Spiral Mixer


Metro Super Erecta Shelf






Roband Double-Skinned-Hot-Water-Urns

Bunn H5X

Bunn H3EA

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